Search syntax

SearXNG comes with a search syntax by with you can modify the categories, engines, languages and more. See the preferences for the list of engines, categories and languages.

! select engine and category

To set category and/or engine names use a ! prefix. To give a few examples:

Abbreviations of the engines and languages are also accepted. Engine/category modifiers are chain able and inclusive. E.g. with !map !ddg !wp paris search in map category and DuckDuckGo and Wikipedia for paris.

: select language

To select language filter use a : prefix. To give an example:

!! external bangs

SearXNG supports the external bangs from DuckDuckGo. To directly jump to a external search page use the !! prefix. To give an example:

Please note, your search will be performed directly in the external search engine, SearXNG cannot protect your privacy on this.

Special Queries

In the preferences page you find keywords for special queries. To give a few examples: